Our history


Ever since I heard about Sir Jim Ratcliffe's idea in 2019, I was enthusiastic about the project. I followed the entire process from conception to construction to the purchase of the production facility in Hambach.

I was one of the first to be given the opportunity to reserve my car and was able to pre-order my Grenadier in October 2021. I was full of anticipation for my new car and could hardly wait to embark on my first adventure with it.

But first I had to wait: Waiting for feedback on the order status, waiting for production and delivery to the dealer and finally waiting for the EU certificate so that the car could finally be registered and used.

The long wait had paid off and my car could finally be delivered. Now nothing stood in the way of me and my thirst for adventure.


I was just about to stow my luggage when I noticed the hollow space under the front seats. As I couldn't find a solution online to make the best use of this space, I took the initiative and started looking for a German manufacturer who could support me with my idea...

and once I was happy with my choice of manufacturer, we created an initial prototype. I received so much positive feedback from fellow Grenadier owners and in the forums that I opened an online shop a short time later. There are now several hundred Grenadiers travelling with my bags. This positive response and the existing demand have led me to offer a few other useful items for the Grenadier...

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