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Underseat storage bag

Underseat storage bag

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Under-seat bag for the Grenadier, (1 pc.)

individually handmade, perfect fit for the Grenadier. (fits driver and passenger side).

High-quality, resistant Cordura, water-repellent and anti-stick coated, applied to a foam core on both sides... The bags are designed for durability, the materials used and the quality of workmanship reflect the character of the car.

Handmade in Germany.

This practical accessory provides you with an additional, discreet storage option that is ideal for all those important little things that you always want to have to hand.

Our Under Seat Storage Bag measures 48cm x 21cm x 11cm and is perfectly designed to fit under the driver and passenger seats of the Grenadier from the door side. It slides out and in with ease thanks to the sturdy leather handle, which we offer in both elegant black and reddish brown to match the saddle leather. The choice of leather colour of the handles offer you an additional touch of individuality and harmoniously match the interior of your vehicle.

Cordura is a high-performance fabric that was originally developed for military purposes and is characterised by its extremely high strength and durability. Cordura's high-strength fibres are extremely resistant to wear, tears and even abrasion, making this bag ideal for everyday use in your Ineos Grenadier. In addition, Cordura is also washable, making cleaning and maintaining your bag a breeze.

Another special feature of the bag is the lid made of foil, which allows you to see inside without having to open it. However, a cover strip placed in the front area simultaneously ensures that you cannot look directly into the bag when it is under the seat. This protects your privacy while maintaining comfort and accessibility.

In addition, each of our bags features embossing on the leather handle - a sign of our quality and attention to detail.

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